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Science Class

About the Author and Illustrator


About Jennifer Welborn

I am an animal lover with a B.S. degree in wildlife management and have worked with moose, coyotes, bobcats, and bald eagles. I have an M.Ed. in science education and have been involved in STEM for over thirty years as a teacher, writer, and researcher. As an award-winning educator, I have taught people of all ages and have published numerous articles, plays, labs, and activities in textbooks and professional journals.  One of my professional goals is to encourage young people to pursue their STEM interests.


I hope that young readers will enjoy Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals, which is based on the STEM profession of veterinary medicine. 


About Rozillia MH

I am an African American illustrator, writer, and educator with a degree in linguistics. I have traveled extensively and love to learn about different cultures.  Currently, I am pursuing a career in speech and language pathology. It is through this field that I hope to continue learning how to help children of diverse backgrounds and how to better tell their stories through books and illustrations.  I aspire to continue to create books for young children of color. You can see samples of my illustrations @Rozilliah.


​Working Together

Jennifer Welborn and Rozillia MH have worked together teaching science and helping people appreciate and care for the Earth and its inhabitants. They are committed to inspiring, supporting, and empowering young people to follow their dreams.

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