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What We Offer

Dr. Rosie Helps The Animals Hands-On Presentation (Suggested age range 4-8) (1) copy.png

 "You did a wonderful job reaching the kids developmentally, exactly where they are at.  What a treat for them to meet you!"  

Rise Richardson, Principal,  The Village School

Hands-On Activity

Mini vet kits and treatment sheets will be distributed and Jennifer and Rozillia will model how to use the kit and sheet to diagnose and treat a stuffed animal.


What Else?

Kids should bring their own stuffed animals. Mini stuffed animals will be provided for any kids who needs one.

There will be a limit of 30 kits. More than 30 kids can attend, but kits are limited. 

Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase. Proceeds are directed to a veterinary scholarship fund.


Jennifer, the author, will give background and context for the story of Dr. Rosie. Jennifer and Rozillia (the Illustrator) will do an interactive reading.

alex photo.jpg

Natural Veterinary Treatments

Jennifer will show kids examples of veterinary treatments containing salt water, aloe, and Manuka honey. She can also answer questions about veterinary medicine. 

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